Staffing and Workforce

Are you seeking a straightforward resolution to address your staffing shortage? MedClaimIQ Force

Amidst the nationwide challenge of personnel shortages in medical offices, know that you are not alone. Introducing MedClaimIQ Force – our dedicated team of remote office staff ready to bridge the gaps in your operations. Serving as an extension of your own staff, we seamlessly handle both front and back-office tasks. From scheduling and insurance verification to updating electronic medical records and managing credentialing, our comprehensive services ensure the smooth functioning of your business. With MedClaimIQ Force, you can rely on a reliable solution to address personnel shortages and keep your medical office running efficiently.

Find Out How Partnership with MedClaimIQ Can Transform Your Revenue Cycle

At MedClaimIQ, we specialize in elevating revenue for our clients through our tried-and-tested claim management system. With a focus on enhancing the entire revenue cycle, MedClaimIQ handles all routine office tasks, granting you the freedom to concentrate on expanding your business.

MedClaimIQ Force Services

Data Entry and Documentation:

The expertise of our medical data entry specialists extends across various facets of electronic medical recordkeeping. From patient demographics to medical record entry, claims processing, payment reconciliation, and even coordinating lab orders and test results, our team is proficient in every aspect of efficient medical data management.


MedClaimIQ credentialing specialists are experienced at navigating the complicated web of insurer and payer requirements. They will get you approved and in network to maximize your revenue.

You Can Have Less Work AND More Income

Revenue Cycle Assessment:

Our team of revenue cycle specialists conducts comprehensive evaluations of your business, identifying areas for improvement and offering tailored solutions to enhance efficiency and boost revenue. We don't just pinpoint problem areas – we provide actionable strategies to streamline operations and drive financial growth.


At MedClaimIQ, our seasoned pre-authorization team handles the arduous process of securing pre-authorization/precertification for hospitals, outpatient facilities, and physician practices. By entrusting this task to us, your in-house staff can redirect their efforts toward essential duties, leading to heightened patient satisfaction and an enhancement in revenue streams..

Virtual Front Desk Service:

The Virtual Front Desk Team at our disposal efficiently manages all remote administrative tasks associated with the front office. From verifying insurance eligibility and securing pre-authorizations promptly to liaising with patients and coordinating appointment schedules, they adeptly handle a spectrum of essential functions.

Why Choose MedClaimIQ:

Reduce Overhead by 50% or More:

Outsourcing business operations to MedClaimIQ gets immediate coverage and can easily cut staffing overhead costs by at least half.

Streamline Critical Processes:

From the initial patient scheduling to the final payment collection, the dedicated team at MedClaimIQ will manage each stage seamlessly.

Maximize profitability and unlock growth opportunities:

Our proficient team collaborates seamlessly with your current staff, guaranteeing operational efficiency and timely compensation for your services rendered. Enhanced profitability and organic growth ensue as a result.

Improve Turnaround Time:

MedClaimIQ is here to handle all aspects of running your medical business. Our team is organized and efficient, ensuring tasks are completed promptly with minimal delays.