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Privacy Policy

HIPAA Compliance Statement

MHS is committed to maintaining compliance for healthcare providers following HIPAA rules and regulations according to national standards to protect individual medical records and identifiable health information.

  • Follow technical and administrative safeguards to protect PHI per the HIPAA privacy rules.
  • Follow HIPAA developments and their impact on transaction and code sets, privacy, and protection.
  • HIPAA compliance within our physical and virtual parameters, including integrating functions required for websites and software.

All the healthcare solutions MHS uses to perform revenue cycle management for healthcare providers and patients fully comply with HIPAA rules and regulations.

MHS is considered a Business Associate under HIPAA regulations. We are fully in compliance with all HIPAA regulations.

  • All employees are trained and tested on HIPAA knowledge
  • Physically secure offices with 24/7 CCTV monitoring of work floors
  • All technology solutions vetted for HIPAA compliance on regular basis
  • IT and networking fully secure (cloud and physical server)
  • Regular audits to ensure compliance