Laboratory Billing

MedClaimIQ specializes in comprehensive medical revenue cycle management (RCM), ensuring seamless handling of all lab billing processes. Our services encompass everything from payer credentialing to the retrieval of aged accounts receivable (AR). You can opt for our standalone laboratory medical billing services or choose a fully customizable package tailored to your needs. Our offerings include insurance verification, patient billing, collections of overdue AR, utilization of advanced medical coding and billing software, and a range of other personalized solutions. Your lab's financial health is our priority, and we're committed to delivering efficient and effective RCM services to optimize your revenue stream.


MedClaimIQ’s expert billing for medical laboratory services includes scrubbing and submitting claims within a few days, then tracking all claims until they are paid, resulting in greatly increased revenue.

Comprehensive Laboratory Billing Solutions:

In contrast to numerous medical billing firms catering exclusively to high-value providers, MedClaimIQ stands out with an innovative approach perfectly suited for lab billing solutions. Our system is finely tuned to handle the unique challenge of processing a high volume of low-dollar claims efficiently. Leveraging the power of our streamlined processes, we can swiftly scrub and file hundreds of claims, often accomplishing this within a 48-hour timeframe. Additionally, we overseeing the entire claims process to ensure meticulous tracking and prompt reimbursement for every claim. With MedClaimIQ, your lab can count on a solution that combines speed, precision, and personalized attention to optimize your billing outcomes.

Full-Service Lab Billing Company & Solutions:

At MedClaimIQ, our comprehensive approach to lab revenue management goes beyond just medical billing. While many clients initially engage with us for our lab billing services, they soon discover the efficiency of our system and often choose to expand their scope of services. Starting from collections and then branching into various offerings, our clients appreciate our ability to seamlessly manage different aspects of their revenue cycle. Our expertise extends to handling payer-related challenges, including time-consuming tasks such as credentialing. Recognizing the significant time investment involved, we take care of payer credentialing efficiently. Beyond that, our services encompass a wide range of tasks, from managing aged accounts receivable (AR) and achieving success in collecting payments for bills up to a year old, to conducting compliance audits and verifying patient insurance coverage. With MedClaimIQ, consider all your lab revenue management needs covered by a dedicated team that goes the extra mile to ensure your financial success.

Claims Management & Assessment:

At the core of our lab medical billing service at MedClaimIQ is the fundamental goal of securing reimbursement for the services your lab renders to patients. Our seasoned billers play a pivotal role in this process by meticulously scrubbing claims to eliminate errors before submission. This proactive approach significantly minimizes the likelihood of rejections and denials. In the event that such issues do arise, our system excels in swift identification and correction, ensuring a streamlined resolution. We understand the potential revenue loss associated with abandoned claims, irrespective of their value. Hence, our system goes the extra mile by incorporating a robust tracking mechanism for each claim, guaranteeing that every service provided is duly compensated. With MedClaimIQ, you can trust in a comprehensive and proactive approach to lab medical billing that safeguards your revenue and enhances financial outcomes.

Collections – Old AR and Current Charges:

Beyond the direct reimbursement from claims, our commitment at MedClaimIQ extends to managing outstanding balances from various sources, including patients, collaborating providers, and additional payers. Our laboratory billing company ensures a seamless process with clear communication, supported by an efficient system that consistently yields higher-than-average receipts. Our success in managing aged accounts receivable (AR) is noteworthy, even for balances that have lingered for up to a year. By implementing effective strategies, we bring a remarkable level of success to the recovery of outstanding balances. Whether it's improving the billing cycle to minimize denied claims or enhancing the billing process for clinical and reference labs, MedClaimIQ is dedicated to optimizing your financial outcomes through a comprehensive and efficient approach to laboratory billing. EHR/EMR Integration: In order to avoid claim denials due to coding errors, software must be updated frequently—however, the cost of maintaining this kind of an information system can be prohibitive for labs. One of the greatest benefits of working with an independent laboratory billing services & solutions company is that you no longer have to worry about keeping up with coding changes and payer requirements.

Our software can be integrated with your existing practice management, EHR and EMR programs, or it can be used alone to encompass all aspects of patient data and revenue management.

Always Up to Date:

The coding and billing teams at MedClaimIQ are highly trained and experienced, but ongoing training is part of our business model, to keep everyone up to date on code changes and new payer requirements. A final step in our claims management process that helps us really stand out is tracking down the source of the error that caused the rejection or denial, and re-training the responsible party to make sure errors are not repeated. So, our lab billing solutions can optimize your billing process substantially.

Always Up to Date
You Can Have Less Work AND More Income

Detailed and Transparent Reporting:

By entrusting your laboratory medical billing solutions to MedClaimIQ, you liberate yourself from the burdensome and often laborious tasks, yet stay fully informed about your revenue dynamics. Our regular and meticulously designed reports serve as your window into key performance indicators (KPIs), offering insights into critical aspects of your financial landscape. From tracking the time taken for payments to assessing the accounts receivable balance in relation to the value of services provided, our reports provide a comprehensive overview. Witness the tangible benefits of working with us as you observe accelerated payment cycles and a reduction in the proportion of unpaid bills. MedClaimIQ not only streamlines the billing process but ensures you have real-time visibility into the positive impact on your financial outcomes.

Risk Free Partnership

Our innovative approach of medical billing for laboratories is so successful that we offer a guarantee of at least a 10% revenue increase. And unlike some other laboratory billing companies, there are no hidden fees. No startup charges or setup fees will be added to your account balance.When you outsource laboratory medical billing to MedClaimIQ, you are working with a trusted partner whose focus is solely on ensuring your success.

Risk Free Partnership