About Us

MHS is specialized in supporting hospitals, individual physicians, clinics and healthcare organizations throughout the United States for revenue cycle management needs.

We have expert and highly trained professional to provide support in every aspect of end to end revenue cycle management.

Our team organized into three verticals and committed to meet the specific need of each client.

We offer a flexible service model, with experienced revenue cycle management professionals as well an outstanding support to all of our clients.

We are certified in all aspects of medical coding and billing needs; our team is well constructed and dedicated towards reaching utmost customer satisfaction and individual heights. With the experience and tenacity of our knowledge, account managers and their compassion, you will never have to worry about your revenue.

We are here with open minds to understand & execute the current updates.

We strongly recommend to choose us as your billing partner for the below reasons.

Our Team

With 15+ years in the healthcare industry, we have built trustworthy relationships with insurance companies and clients. We integrate our proficient strategies to help healthcare providers get paid for their healthcare services to continue providing quality care to their patients. Our professional medical billers and coders uplift your practice revenue and mitigate the bottlenecks.

We are known within networks, which allow us to communicate your needs and get results quicker than other medical billing companies. At MHS, customer service means everything, and it comes with a Quality first approach.

Your satisfaction is our only goal.

Our staff focus on what truly matters; customer service. Your emails are answered, your call is picked up and your dedicated account manager runs your team of your payment poster, billers and a patient payment specialist with one goal in mind: your satisfaction! Our dedicated Account Managers will ensure a proactive revenue management, increase profitability and continuous communication for complete business transparency.


Everything we do, we do for our clients. We are highly skilled medical billing specialists who are dedicated to helping you handle the admin so you can do what you were born to do – heal and treat your patients.


Our team has 40 years combined medical billing and Information Technology experience; we can make sure that all your claims are submitted correctly, each and every time. Our staff assists continuous trainings to keep abreast of industry change.


We use the latest and most innovative technology to create effective reports and information so that you have complete control and peace of mind over how your practice is operating.


We are fully compliant with HIPAA regulations and up to date with changes in Medicare compliance guidelines and the upcoming ICD-10 implementation.

Our Vision

At MHS, our vision is to provide a premium medical practice billing service. Our core values are quality, customer service, relationships, teamwork, and integrity. These values guide everything we do at MHS. We are committed to delivering the best medical billing services to healthcare providers. Our enhanced exposure in the healthcare industry creates new opportunities to take your practice to the next level.

Our Mission

In this challenging healthcare industry, we understand that you need an innovative success partner who can help drive the medical billing cycle and boost your revenue. MHS delivers comprehensive technology-enabled solutions in revenue cycle management services, including clinical workflows and revenue generation, while also assisting patients in having a better experience.